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Art plays a key role within the St James Hotel. Our in house gallery is a bright space regularly housing exhibits from artists across the globe

Art At St James


Art plays a central role at the St James and throughout our hotel you will find pieces from our collection designed to inspire, provoke, but most of all keep the viewer engaged.  From oil on canvas, through to spray paint and video art, we are proud of our growing collection and its reach.

Our in-house gallery,  The Left Gallery, is a bright space regularly housing exhibits from artists across the globe.  We also aim to encourage and promote local artists – especially young breakthrough talent.  We showcase art which deserves a stage and recognition.

HUMANS – GCSE & A Level Work

The art work displayed is a mixture of Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 at Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy.

Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy has always been extremely proud of its students’ artistic talents. Every year the School displays a wide variety of work in an annual Art Exhibition which is open to both parents and the local community. We are delighted to be able to showcase this impressive selection of work to the wider public and we hope that these images will provide you with an insight into the Creativity of our students whilst appreciating the student’s hard work and dedication to their craft.

Carlo Cuomo, Principal

Christ the King Art Students

Year 11 ‘mixed media’ portrait project

Our students have developed their work based on the theme of portraiture and encouraged to explore and re ne a range of di erent media such as acrylic paints, watercolours, pencils, collage and photography. They have responded in individual ways looking at di erent contemporary and more traditional artists for inspiration. Students have had the freedom to depict themselves, their family members, their peers or icons from popular culture.

A level ‘Personal Investigation’ project

A level students have created work from their own individually chosen themes. Inspiration is drawn from human emotions, hopes and desires, personal histories and a sense of place. Students have extensively researched artists and other aspects of popular culture. The result is an impressive array of the nal outcomes of their projects including photographs and paintings.


John McGahey, Head of Art

A sample of the images on display in the Left Gallery

St James Art
St James Art
St James Art
St James Art
St James Art
St James Art

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