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St James Hotel is proudly an independent hotel in Nottingham. We believe every traveller should experience good design and wonderful service
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What Makes Us Tick


The St James Hotel Nottingham

The St James is proudly an independent hotel in Nottingham, and we are driven by our philosophy of service, design and value.

Every traveller should be able to experience good design and wonderful service, and so from the very outset it was our goal to create a unique design-led hotel, but one which was accessible to all, and one which feels like home.

We are delighted by the bold and courageous public areas – full with art, books, music and the occasional curious bit of furniture – right the way through to the calming guest rooms and elaborate penthouse. We took time and care over the design, trying our best to create something unique for a hotel in Nottingham. So much of what you will see in the hotel has been designed especially for it. We are also lucky to have a few pieces from the exquisite furniture house, Imperatorum.

There has been the occasional tricky moment, like when we moved a baby grand piano up six floors! It now takes pride of place in The Penthouse, and is one of only two hotels in the UK to have a piano in a guest room.

As well as creating the most sumptuous suite in the city, we also wanted to make sure that even for the traveller on a tighter budget, the stay would be memorable.  To that end our designer, Harjeet Johal, created ‘The Crash Pads’. These are bright, fresh, fun and do exactly what you expect them to. They are a perfect place to crash for the night, and they won’t break the bank. If you are looking for a hotel in Nottingham to relax after a hectic night out or day of fun, make us your first choice.

Supporting local crafts, trades and businesses is very important to us. From our sofas to our sausages, we try and source all we can from within a thirty-mile radius of the hotel. Even our coffee is roasted locally!  We also make as much as we can in our own kitchens – from our own granola through to yoghurt. It’s part of what keeps us different, independent and that little bit special. For more information on a hotel in Nottingham like no other, contact us today.