January 30, 2018

If you like going out, then you’re in luck. Nottingham’s status as a student city has made it a hub for nightlife, meaning that there are venues catering for all tastes and needs, it’s just a matter of locating them. To try and help you find the perfect night out in Nottingham, we have compiled a list of the ideas and options available. With any luck, this should help you find a venue that matches your tastes – enjoy!


Much of the nightlife scene revolves around drinking and alcohol, which makes the bars around Nottingham a must-see. Bars are perfect for those who prefer a more intimate setting where you can chat and catch up with friends without the loud club music present to hinder you. On top of this, bars are much more likely to serve cocktails than any club destination.

If you’re visiting Nottingham, then it’s a good idea to pick out a bar that is close to your accommodation, just to make it easier and safer to get back to your room after a fun and sociable evening. In fact, our cocktail bar recommendation is integrated into the hotel, so you wouldn’t need to travel anywhere to get back to your room. It’s the best of both worlds!

Whether you’re thinking about using a bar as a short stop on the way to your next destination, or you’re hoping to stay there the whole night – Nottingham has plenty to offer.


At the heart of any city’s nightlife is the clubbing scene. Even if you’re not usually interested in clubbing, you will likely find one that piques your interest simply because of the huge variety available in Nottingham. Our only tip is to make sure that you wear comfortable shoes for all the dancing you’ll be doing! Let’s go through some of the most popular clubs in the city.

Rock City

Rock City is one of Nottingham’s most popular and prestigious venues, hosting national and international artists on a regular basis. When the club isn’t welcoming musicians from around the world, Rock City hosts regular club nights in its three large rooms. Each room has a different music selection from alternative to hip-hop to floor-filling pop, so regardless of what type of music you prefer, you should be able to find something you enjoy. Ensure that you post your name on the club’s Facebook wall for free entry before 11pm.


The centre for Nottingham’s dance music scene, if you’re looking to dance rather than chat, then this is the club for you. Stealth brings in a variety of DJs, including some of the biggest names in the dance music scene. There’s not much to say about Stealth except be ready for irresistible beats and aching feet.


Ink is easily one of the largest clubs in Nottingham, boasting four separate rooms and eight bars. Fortunately, with a large number of rooms, you can also look forward to a variety of different music, combined with attractive light shows and crazy colour schemes. If you want something creative or different, this is a great option for your night out in Nottingham.


Following a huge renovation in 2016, PRYZM opened as a six-room club brimming with options and style. PRYZM is a hub for all types and genres of music, making it a sure-fire destination if your taste varies or if you want lots of options. The club also has fairly regular appearances from reality tv celebrities, so make sure to investigate what events are on if you’re interested in this venue.

Rescue Rooms

A veteran of Nottingham’s nightclub scene, Rescue Rooms combines live music with a club environment to create a cross between the traditional live bar and a dance-centric venue. Hosting all sorts of live sets from up-and-coming bands to international DJs, you’re likely to find something interesting whenever you visit Rescue Rooms. Make sure to check what is on offer before planning your night out.

Restaurants and Dinner

Now that we’ve looked at the bar and club offerings, it’s time to think about other nightlife options. If you’re not looking for lots of drinking or loud music, then sometimes heading for a nice dinner is enough to make your night out in Nottingham memorable. The city boasts many different restaurants, including our No/6 Bar and Restaurant which provides a relaxing and informal environment for those who just want to enjoy each other’s company and have some great food at the same time. Plus, you can be within touching distance of your hotel room by eating at the hotel’s restaurant. It’s a win-win.

Other Activities

Moving away from the traditional options of clubbing, drinking, dancing and eating, there are also some other activities you could enjoy during your night out in Nottingham. Here are our recommendations:


Whilst it doesn’t let you talk much, going to the cinema to see a film that you’ve been waiting for is a great use of your evening. In addition, by watching a film with someone close to you, you have something to talk about for the rest of the night! Nottingham has multiple cinemas from large, franchised options to smaller, boutique offerings. Take a look at all of the cinemas available before you make a decision as some of the smaller venues often show different films to the popular and commercial choices.


Nottingham has a steadily growing theatre scene, centred around the Nottingham Playhouse and the Theatre Royal, Nottingham, and gradually expanding to other venues. If you’re a fan of live theatre shows (particularly pantomimes during the festive months), then you should easily be able to find something curious on offer. Again, theatre doesn’t allow for much socialising, but it definitely gives you a talking point for the days to come.

Escape Rooms

Finally, a more unconventional option, escape rooms have become increasingly popular over the last few years and are great fun for everyone involved. The difficulty of the escape rooms vary greatly and the best way to find out what’s suitable for you is to ask the escape room operator. One of the big advantages of going to an escape room for your night out is that they are usually less than an hour in duration, so you aren’t stuck in an activity for longer than you would like.

Hopefully, this list will have highlighted some of the best activities on your doorstep during a night out in Nottingham. Just remember to check that your activities are close to your accommodation for ease of access. Our St James Hotel is right in the centre of Nottingham and within touching distance of all the major venues and destinations; find out more about what’s nearby us here.

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