February 8, 2018

When it comes to enjoying yourself, there’s nothing better than sitting back and relaxing with a cocktail in hand. If you’re on a break, away somewhere and you're sat in a relaxing bar then you might be thinking of sampling some new cocktails, Nottingham is ideal for this. With so many bars and clubs, there’s no escaping the cocktail fever. But with so many different varieties to choose from, it's often difficult to know which one to choose - the Cosmopolitan, the Martini and the Margarita are just some popular examples. For those struggling to decide, it might be better to look at seasonal cocktails; so here are some of our favourites.

Season: Spring

While it’s still too cold to be sipping cocktails poolside, spring is the perfect time to enhance your cocktail knowledge.

Berry Breeze – Bright red in colour, this drink is a sip of the season. Whilst blackberries give it a sweet taste, the fresh lime juice will give it a kick, but the vodka and ginger beer are the real show-stealers.

Gin and Tonic – As one of the most popular drinks, a gin and tonic can be mixed with various flavours. This one has strawberries - perfect for those who have a sweet tooth.

Spring Blossom – Named after and perfect for this season, this cocktail is a must try. Rose and strawberry liquor give this drink a sweet taste whilst the gin and cucumber top off the perfect spring cocktail.

Season: Summer

The perfect time for relaxing outside, summer is the ultimate cocktail season.

Pina Colada Mimosa – Nothing says summer like a Pina Colada. Perfect for sitting poolside in your bathing suit, the pineapple and rum mix perfectly with the Prosecco to leave you feeling cool and relaxed.

Blue Crush Margarita – The colour of a summer sky, this cocktail is perfect to help you cool off in the sun. Blue curacao adds to the taste whilst giving it a vibrant colour and mixed with seltzer, lime juice, tequila and triple sec, this cocktail is without a doubt, a refreshing summer thirst-quencher.

Lemonade Mimosa – Lemonade has always been a summer drink used to quench the thirst of those suffering from the heat. However, this isn’t your regular glass of lemonade - mixed with champagne, this certainly isn’t something you can get from your average lemonade stand.

Season: Autumn

It might be getting colder, but that’s no reason to stay cold; a cocktail could be the perfect thing to warm you up.

Apple Cider Mimosa – Beautifully orange in colour, this cocktail consists of apple cider mixed with champagne. You can also add apple slices for garnish to give this cocktail the crunch it might need.

Apple and Pumpkin Beer Cocktail – Whilst it might not be pool weather, it is pumpkin weather. This cocktail has pumpkin ale mixed with apple cider to give it a sweet taste, but also comes with lemon juice to give it that extra kick. Bourbon is then added to bring this cocktail to perfection.

Autumn Russian – You may have heard of a White Russian, well this is the seasonal version. Pumpkin spice Kahlua and cream mixed with Vodka offer this cocktail plenty of taste and texture, perfect for the colder weather.

Season: Winter

As the coldest season of all, winter is a time where cocktails can be the perfect tool to warm you up.

Winter’s Ginger – Perfectly named, this cocktail has honey and ginger syrup mixed with lemonade to give it that smooth, flawless taste. But to warm you up, scotch is then mixed in to give it that kick.

Holiday Cherry Cheer – Perfect for festivities, this drink is made with orange and cranberry juice then mixed with triple sec, cherry brandy and tangerine vodka. You are most definitely guaranteed to feel cheerful after this cocktail!

Mulled Wine Sangria – This cocktail is a mix of fruits such as apples, orange peel, cranberry juice and frozen cranberries with orange-flavoured liquor. Red wine and brown sugar are then added to give this drink a strong flavour, again a real winter warmer.

Cocktails in Nottingham

If you’re looking for the perfect place to try out some seasonal cocktails, then check out the No/6 Lounge and Bar. You might also want to think of booking a weekend away, so take a look at a luxury hotel to give yourself plenty of time to try those tempting cocktails out!

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